WiDS Datathon 2020 Workshops Worldwide

The WiDS Datathon initiative has grown with over 20 regional datathon workshops, in 13 countries, many of them taking place over multiple days. We are thrilled to see involvement from so many worldwide WiDS ambassadors who have facilitated active participation and collaboration throughout their communities.

Read on, as ambassadors share highlights and photos from their datathon workshops:

WiDS Calgary @ Cumming School of Medicine

Students and staff from the University of Calgary’s Center for Health Informatics came together to discuss, and brainstorm for the WiDS 2020 datathon. Highlights from the event include a presentation and discussion on survival prediction led by Dr. Zahra Shakeri, and an introduction to Kaggle and the dataset.

Organized by WiDS ambassador Jacqueline Harris

WiDS Bengaluru

We had great participation from 110+ data science enthusiasts. The datathon workshop covered the nuances on how to navigate the Kaggle platform, attempt datathon challenges and submit the solutions effectively. We had a wonderful line up of speakers who shared the jupyter notebooks and gave a code demo on choosing the efficient algorithms and validating the model outputs. Mentors were assigned to the interested participating team to guide them through this datathon journey.

“After the workshop and the code walk through I got confidence to take part in the Kaggle competition. I was a Kaggle user but have not taken part in any competition till now. So now I am making good preparation for datathon based on the tips shared by speakers at the datathon workshop and aim to make good submission for the WiDS Datathon 2020.” — Rajeshwaari Rai

Organized by WiDS ambassador Srujana Kaddevarmuth

WiDS Indore

WiDS Indore had an overwhelming participation of 91 attendees, a mix of students and professionals. We had a hands-on session on Data Visualisation using Matplotlib and Python. We introduced the attendees to Kaggle and the Datathon 2020 and the closing session was to make an Alexa Skill and get to know the basics of a chatbot.

Organized by WiDS ambassador Savvy Jain

WiDS LaPaz

The WiDS La Paz datathon study group was a really great experience. The surprise was that we had a variety of profiles interested; we had people from administration fields, medicine, geographers and computer scientists. We have prepared a guide to start with the analysis, and then we built an interactive study group where all of us solved the challenge at our own rhythm. This was a great experience to improve our abilities and also we identify the next steps to follow as a community to improve some weak parts.

Organized by WiDS ambassador Orietha Castillo and Nathaly Alarcon

WiDS Maastricht

The WiDS Datathon in Maastricht included a series of activities including a pre-training workshop, a two-day working-together hackathon followed by a pitch session, and networking activities. Around 40 people from academia, industry and government participated, covering many different backgrounds and career stages. The participants were encouraged to learn from each other and improve their data science skills, think about the bias and fairness of their models, and explain their approach to the domain experts during the pitches at the end of the weekend.

Organized by WiDS ambassador Chang Sun

WiDS Mysore

The workshop was attended by 200+ students in the morning and around 100+ students in the afternoon. The students were taught skills like how to use Kaggle, problem statement, Python, exploratory data analysis and how to make a submission in Kaggle. It’s a huge achievement for a city like Mysore.

Organized by WiDS ambassador Usha Rengaraju

WiDS New Haven @ Yale University

Yale students who are interested in leveraging data science to understand healthcare data gathered together for a workshop delivered by two amazing Yale graduate students. This photo features our mentors — Colleen and Soham (graduate students at Yale Data Science and Statistics department)!

Organized by WiDS ambassador Sophie Shang

WiDS Pune

Around 50 people attended the workshop to form teams, work on their submissions, and present their ideas and findings, with assistance from mentors who helped with various aspects of the challenge. The WiDS Mumbai Fractal office also joined the session online, led in collaboration with WiDS Mumbai.

Organized by WiDS ambassador Sucheta Dhere

WiDS Qatar

At our second datathon workshop, we discussed the competition guidelines, and explained how to use Kaggle platform to participate in the Datathon challenge, whether individually or on team basis. Read WiDS Qatar’s datathon workshop article, including a detailed report and event highlights.

Organized by WiDS ambassador Wafa Waheeda Syed, Reem Suwaileh, Rachael Fernandez, Halima Egueh and Maram Hasanain

WiDS Recife

We’re hosting a series of 9 live-coding sessions (in Portuguese), going through some key Data Science topics and competing on the datathon. So far we have more than 34 hours of watched content and we are hearing a lot of positive feedback about the sessions.

Organized by WiDS ambassador Ana Cecilia Vieira

WiDS Salvador

The WiDS Salvador datathon workshop included a presentation on data science applications focused on health data followed by a predictive analytics/machine learning tutorial. Participants from industry, academia, non-profits, startups and health professionals gathered together for networking session, tips and guidelines for participating in Kaggle competitions and team formation for WiDS Datathon 2020.

Organized by WiDS ambassador Junia Ortiz

WiDS São Paulo

The WiDS São Paulo workshop included an overview about the Datathon competition and its datasets; tips about Kaggle’s competition; and finally, attendees had the opportunity to get to know each other on a group dynamics session which intended to motivate teams formation and highlights the competition’s social relevance.

Organized by WiDS ambassadors Bárbara Barbosa, Jéssica Santos, Priscilla Wagner and Vivian Yamassaki

WiDS West Lafayette @ Purdue University

The Purdue University WiDS Datathon workshop focused on datathon team formations, reviewing the resources available, and a Q&A session. Before the event, individuals were asked to rank their data science skills, which were used to recommend teams. The teams are a multidisciplinary mix of beginner and experienced data scientists. The team photographed here report that they have been meeting regularly and that the challenge is teaching them new skills.

Organized by WiDS ambassador Bethany McGowan

WiDS Zagreb

At the WiDS Zagreb datathon event one of datathon teams presented their experience with modeling practices and dataset provided in Kaggle. That was followed by great discussions after presentations on social impact topics and methods for choosing and improving models. They succeeded to inspire others to have these type of internal cooperation to excel in future data projects and datathons.

Organized by WiDS ambassadors Andrea Knez Karačić and Marija Draskovic

Thank you ambassadors for all your dedicated hard work encouraging your local communities to participate in the WiDS Datathon 2020! The team merger deadline is February 21st, and the datathon then closes on February 24th. Get your submissions in Kaggle today!


The WiDS Datathon is a collaboration led by the Global WiDS team at Stanford ICME, the West Big Data Innovation Hub, and the WiDS Datathon committee, and is made possible by the Global Visionary Sponsors: Facebook, Intuit, Walmart Labs, and Wells Fargo.

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